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From:Nilanjan Roy
DC Location:BBSR/Mangalor
Posted on:3/5/01 12:41:25 PM
Message:Eta duranto proyash key tomra sarthok korecho --tomade abhinondon!! try that the reader do not have to use the horizontal scroll bar . Congrats once more..

DC Location:Pune(HJW)
Posted on:3/20/01 9:52:24 AM
Message:Great job friends!!! An excellent effort from your side...We all hope to see more of it soon....

From:Amit Thakur
DC Location:BBSR
Posted on:2/14/01 10:42:00 AM
Message:Ami sabar aage eshe chhi tomar patay - ki debe bol

DC Location:Bhubaneswar
Posted on:2/14/01 10:54:43 AM
Message:Khub Bhalo Hoyeche ..... Keep It Up... A very Go

From:niladri chatterjee
DC Location:bbsr
Posted on:2/14/01 11:01:12 AM
Message:great job, guys. khub bhalo dada, khub bhalo.

DC Location:bbsr
Posted on:2/14/01 11:32:53 AM
Message:bhalo lagar kotha mukh phute na bolleo tora bujhe nibi sheta jani

DC Location:-----
Posted on:2/14/01 12:18:22 PM
Message:i am too happy to have such a nice thing on net. we PROBASHI bengalies are excited about it. thaks for such a nice gift

DC Location:Bhubaneswar
Posted on:2/14/01 12:29:04 PM
Message:khub bhalo hoyechhe.....asha kori aro bhalo pabo....keep it up

DC Location:B'lore
Posted on:2/14/01 1:46:23 PM
Message:ki baniyechho!!! atisundar.

From:Soumyajeet Chattaraj
DC Location:Bhubaneswar
Posted on:2/14/01 2:39:15 PM
Message:Excellent work guys! Keep it up! Hope this is not the first and last issue, and is carried on by you people in the future as well.

DC Location:BBSR
Posted on:2/14/01 2:49:17 PM
Message:abhibadan 'Atoshkach Team'! tomader prochesta obosyoi sarthok ebong bhobishyote aaro bhalo 'Atoshkach' pabo bole aasha rakhi.

From:Bhaskar Ghosh
DC Location:BBSR
Posted on:2/14/01 5:48:39 PM
Message:Ashadharon!Duronto devotion!Lekha pathatay naa payray khabap laagchay

From:raj narayan basak
DC Location:BBSR
Posted on:2/23/01 1:34:55 PM
Message:it is always tough to publish a mag. so excellent job. poems are too difficult to me.

From:bhaskar Chatterjee
DC Location:Pune
Posted on:2/26/01 7:04:53 PM
Message:asadharan.samik,kajer chaper jonno onekdin contact korte parini.jaihok congrats aatochkacher team-ke.Keep it up.

From:Anushtup sett
DC Location:Pune
Posted on:3/1/01 2:10:08 PM
Message:Darun bhalo. 'Atoshkach' team-ke abhinondon. Porer sankhay-r apekkhay roilam.

That's All !